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Main menu: is a site that provides useful information about the cone winder market. It also provides detailed information about the Heavy Duty Cone Winder from Nancy's Knit Knacks which we believe is a great substitute for a traditional cone winder.

The cone winder market has traditionally been void of any reasonably priced, commercial grade units for professionals, businesses, and serious fiber artists. The market has, however, included high-end industrial grade equipment for large yarn processors. These tend to be full featured, metered, heavy duty tools that are designed to last a lifetime.  They also cost a small fortune and are not intended for use by small businesses or professionals.

The practical option for most users has been to use much more down-to-Earth plastic winders that are either manually operated or motorized.

Unfortunately, there has not been a high reliability, commercial grade unit available for serious users or small businesses. This has left a serious void in the market and users have struggled to adapt the available units to meet their winding needs.

But in early 2013, a new winder made its debut into the cone winder market - the Heavy Duty Cone Winder from Nancy's Knit Knacks LLC. This unit fills the void in the market by providing a commercial grade unit designed to stand up to the rigors of the professional and commercial market.

Note - this unit makes a hybrid cone
. That is to say, it winds a ball onto industry standard paper cones. Visit the Hybrid cone webpage to see how and why we wind a hybrid cone.

  • We recently made a video of our Heavy Duty Cone Winder winding fine cotton 10/2 and Tencel as well as Bamboo. Watch the video here:

  • It tests the ability of the winder to wind this fine yarn without incident
  • Illustrates how fine yarn adhers to the surface of the cone and to itself on the ball.
  • Shows how the user can vary the tension on the yarn and on the ball.
  • Demonstrates how this yarn can be removed from the cone while installed on our Yarn Pet products.
  • Yarn is also installed onto a Yarn Ball Core (paper tube) using the Cone Winder's special spindle

  • Yarn does not break when winding (it never does with the NKK winding system because of the manner in which our system detects drag and resistance and then causes the drive system to automatically slip)


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